Thursday, September 17, 2009

future at SBU

well,today i went to the school office to get my school transfer form,

mf,yogern and cs accompanied me to the office to get it,

i got the form,headmistress sign it and the clerk typed it.

headmistress put a (menyokong) at the form,encouraging me to transfer.

so yeah i got it,i didnt knoe whether i was happy or sad abt changing school,

it isnt official yet,but big chances i'm getting transferred.

so yeah,went back to class,sat on my table,and just thinking abt the transfer school thinggy.

moments,teacher came in,gave maths work,so i just did it until i finished it.

then oh well,i let powei see my school transfer form,she juz look at it,

and gave me hmm..hmm...congrats ur transfering to SBU.

i didnt knoe what to say,be happy or juz be sad?i'm not reli sure.

at last,i asked her a favor,i told her,

the friends at lokman are priceless,


shulee,kim,hoongling,yining and many more....

i'll aways remember then,especially my brothers(兄弟-yogern,edwin,kp,cs,mf,xj and ac)

i will never ever forget them if i leave lokman(FRIENDS FOREVER)

all the good memories at lokman,i was always cherish,

as for the bad memories,i'll just have let it go.

going SBU will be a new fresh start for me,i'll hope for the best when i get there....

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