Saturday, March 7, 2009

the importance of chienese?

well,last chienese class....

as all of you knoe that i wont be taking BC for PMR

the reason is i cant score in BC and i will probably get a C...

so it was the right choice that time....

then hoho(BC teacher)

she is good teacher,always doing her best to improve our class chienese.

still i didnt take chinese,cos i'm more of an english person

speak english at home,outside

only more chienese at scholl(only the speaking la)

then suddenly talk abt the importance of chienese,

she said western countries is coming down,and china is building up

and maybe china will control the economy or even the world.

she was trying to get us to take Bc for pmr ,

but after thinking awhile,not taking was the best choice

cos i aint reli good in BC,i never got an A though,

mostly C or rarely D.

all of my friends was looking at me and in chienese they say

:ya hear that tze ing?BC is important,bla bla bla....

but i juz ignore them,some of them cant even master standard 6 english yet.

and their chienese is also not very satisfying...

so the best is English,the international language.

who knoes in future,china might fall to the ground.

cos obama is doing his best to improve his country and the world....

time will tell us the answers.

wat do you guys think?