Thursday, January 21, 2010


uhh....the whole division was screwed upside down when kenneth came back,

he gave us a tongue lashing as unity was getting lesser and lesser in the divison,

like 1 member dislikes this member being the commmander and doesnt want to march,

during marching they will play a fool,not being serious,members back stabbing each other,

it's a reli sad sight.only kp,cs,william,XJ and yogern was serious when we were marching.

feels like we're reli off par.nothing seems to coming together.when we keluar baris,most of us

will come out with annoyed and pissed look.some of us lost our cool.....

everyone except cs,yes he is quite playful at times but during st.john marching,he doesnt make

jokes or do stupid stuff that will annoy people.i can say he is the more mature boy besides me,

he rarely loses his temper,makes fun during normal time,but he always thinks

maturely although he just acts stupid.he will be the right guy to ask for help or to help.

there's so much inside him but he never lets out.he always keeps a low profile.

and most importantly,he is realistic.he's definitely 1 of my closest friends.

yes i am going to leave lokman soon,but cs i'll definitely remember,all the joy he brought,haha.

and 1 more thing about me,when i see someone is doing wrong and being silly and live in a

fantasy world,i just give it straight in their face(i think all of you know my scolding vocabulary in school).

i've seen many girls in lokman who just treat boys like atm machine.they accept all the boys

expensive gifts,get some cash from them and then just break up,less than a month.

really that disgusts me.i wont name them.(i think maybe you all already)

and girls who just want to scrap money from boys and change boyfriends every month

i think their cheap,lowering their image.not much dignity in them.

and a particular friend of mine who really follows girls like a puppy,seriously.

1 minute you're talking to him,when he sees a girl he just walks off,leaving you there.

he is reli 很狗 in chinese i should say.(i think you guys might knoe who is he)

oh well,nothing else,just waiting to transfer school.

good luck guys