Sunday, May 31, 2009

nie Questions from SL

questions from shu lee for nie magazine thingy

Survey for NIE Mag Contest1.Do you encourage teenagers to start a relationship with a person that the like/love?why?

erm....its ok to have a relationship with someone you love but you must be truthful and sincere abt your love and don't let it affect your studies.

2.Do you think teenagers are suitable to have a love relationship?

:yes...its suitable for teenagers to have a love relationship as they are growing up.

3.How old are you now? Did you have a relationship when you were a teenager?

:i'm 15 and yes i have a relationship when i'm a teenager.

4.Do you think your lover can influence you?

:but of course! and she influence me in a good way.

5.If you are a teacher, will you allow your students to have relationship?

:yes! i will allow but with advise so that they wont let love affect their grades but increase their grades.

6.Due to teenagers' dating, write your own opinions about it.

:teenagers dating is the normal thing in the 21st century but as long as you are sincere abt your love and don't do anything that you might regret in future,its ok to have a is sweet.....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


things are reli getting wilder at school....

haha,my buddy and having a great time with the girl he likes,

this is a special date for them(18-5-09),the date to seal the deal.

good luck buddy,you're gonna need it.

my good amah rachel birthday is today,

and yes i wished her but i didnt went to her birthday bash at times square,

cos my smart little elder brother forgot to call me to go!

and i missed all the fun!(dam you choon tik for forgetting to tell me abt the party)

i said i'm gonna buy something nice for rachel but she said no nid la....

got the heart can liao...and she pat me on the back...

so....i wanted to say sorry to you amah,for being a bad son...(curse you choon tik!)JK la

and it was the day we will take measurements for making our blazers..

hehehe,i figured i'll look good in all of us got measured from

top to bottom,left to right and they even measure out butts.....(i wonder why...) was a reli tiring day with 6 pieces of malay essays to do...

oh well......luckily i've finished it.

i was quite free after finishing all the malay essays,so i keep thinking of my past....

the most hurting part is when i thought abt trying to pikat girls.

haiz...i've seen so many of my buddies getting hurt when pikat girls,including myself.

sometimes when you think the girl likes you....they actually don give a D*** abt you.

sometimes you don even mean anything to her.

hmm.....but still its no harm trying to go dating.1 of my friends is dating everyday...

you knoe who you people are,and i wish you guys happiness la.

and ***** pls don do anything stupid ya.....

all the best to everyone in their life......