Thursday, December 31, 2009

need some time

hmm.well i manage to get my straight A's in PMR.

yesterday my mom went to the education department for my school transfer,

he met up with the education officer which was a friend of her.

he said that i will have to study at lokman for 1 week first.

the education officer will help to get my school transfer process done faster.

so i guess starting of the year i'll be at lokman first~

well....everything needs time.hope that i'll be able to transfer sooner.

happy new year everyone!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

24 december,the deciding christmas eve

yeah,i just came back from nst camp,

it was great,learned so many things(even though it was quite torturing but in a fun way)

i plan to change my life,for the better,do my best and live in the truth.

i just got news that 24 dec,christmas eve, was the day to get my pmr results.

i was hype and excited cause i was really desperately waiting for my results.

and it came quite early,i really wanted to get the result as soon as possible.

hopefully i'll get straight A's and then transfer to SBU.

and hopefully as well,god will bless me with the straight A's,

and it'll change my life,go to a better school and meet better people.

so yeah,just 4 more days to go.pray that god will bless me.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

a trip to genting

ah....just came back from genting last week,

and reli...that trip was supposed to be a really fun trip,